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The Murton Group is a project and program management services firm partnering with organizations to improve business performance through the application of project management and PMO best practices.

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Project Review & Recovery

Common areas of project failure may include problems with scope, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, and project monitoring and control.  The Murton Group will review the current state of the project to identify the areas in jeopardy.  We will present our assessment to the senior leadership team and provide a corrective action plan.  Once the plan is accepted by the organization, our Team will lead the turnaround initiative or mentor your project team through the recovery process.

Symptoms of A Troubled Project

  • Critical issues in meeting milestones or completing deliverables.

  • High risk of not delivering anticipated benefits.

  • Resources are not fully allocated to the project or over-allocated.

  • The project is continuously behind its planned schedule.

  • Undefined risks are being addressed as problems.

Actions Taken to Recover Projects

  • Improving communication, stakeholder management.

  • Redefining the project—reducing the scope, re-justifying the project financially.

  • Adding and/or removing resources.

  • Resolving problematic technical issues.

  • Replacing the project manager or bringing in a consultant to manage recovery.

  • Carefully monitor and manage risk.

Six Sigma Projects

Gathering business requirements to design, build and implement efficiencies within processes is at the core of what we do.  Poor requirements management is the second most commonly cited reason for project failure. Our experienced business analyst are trained in using the Six Sigma methodology to achieve sustainable business performance improvement.  A “Belt” will be assigned to your initiative based on your organizational structure.  Six Sigma projects many be DMAIC or DMADV, the DMAIC process include the following phases:


  • Define – the objectives and scope of the project are defined.  Relevant information about the process and customer are collected.

  • Measure – data on the current situation and process metrics are collected.

  • Analyze – collected data are analyzed to find the root cause(s) of the problem.

  • Improve – solution(s) to the problem are developed and implemented.

  • Control – the implemented solution(s) are evaluated and the mechanisms are implemented to maintain the gains, which may include standardization.

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